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Nope not the game though I'm having serious withdraws. I can't believe it I must have forgotten about this blog again T_T. Well in the last year (OMG) I have done quite a bit. Not just amigurumi, but jewelry, playing with clay, spinning, moved (stuck at Brian's parents house atm) and Got Pregnant! So bad am I that I'm on my eighth month now. It's a baby girl and I already have the name though I can't post it till she is born. Everything medically has been going great. Due date is June 8th which is 3 days before my dads b-day and 4 days before my best friends b-day lol.

Her theme is Jungle, rainforest so I have been working on a set of amigurumi to match (though I've only gotten one done so far a tropical fish). I just don't seem to have enough time in the day to get all I want to get done, done. On top of that I keep adding to the list of things I want to do and I don't seem to have the energy for half of it.

I really can't wait to have a place of my own so I can get a craft room set up and have everything the way I want. I bet once I do I'll be much better at getting things done photographed and posted.

I've started selling some of my latest jewelry out of a friends salon and she wants me to bring in some amigurumi to sell too. I'm thinking I'll need to make a photo album of pictures of my crafts that are for sale and leave it with her. She has seen some of my jewelry designs and thinks I should make a book with them now as well as a book of amigurumi patterns. It's not a bad idea I don't think I mean I see the bead craft books Gail buys and it's like 15-20 projects with instructions. I've already got 5 origanal designs of my own now and it's only been a little over a month since I started.

It's proving to be harder then I thought to get an amigurumi book ready to be published as it takes time to design, make one, write out the patter, test the pattern, get good pictures, and on top of all that (and below finding a publisher) I keep making amigurumi that got into different catagories and if I were to make a book for each one I'd have 4-5 started already.

Well I have been getting a few posts here and there on my Wordpress and DA and I'm starting to post on my other LJ and Vox. I'm also going to try and get my ravelry, facebook, squidoo, twitter, delicious and photo host accounts updated in the next few weeks (so much stuff lol).

I'll make a list of all the links and post them in my next post and I'll make a catagory in my Delicious for just my sites (gaining in number by the month) so it will be an easy to get to and see all (though I know not many care it will be easier for me as well).

It's late though and tomorrow I finally get to go to Novi to do my asian shopping (haven't had kimchie in 5 months T_T)

Hugs and Kisses
Good night

Oh my goodness

lol I'm so horrible at keeping up with journals lol. well since Nov!?!?! lol I've done quite a lot. I got a sewing machine for x-mas and have been working on making a knitting needle case :D I've also started making clay charms, I've learned to knit, spin, and have done quite a few more amigurumi. I work for 3 different pet sites as a GA and have been back and forth to my mothers about 5 times since the first of the year. My last little hampster died but at least now I don't have to have a nervous brake down every time someone wants to inspect the apartment.

I've started packing most of the stuff in the house away. Even though we wont be moving till Dec I figure get it done little by little and I wont have to really worry about things later.

Drawing, painting, making amigurumi patterns and so much more which will be the way it is for awhile. Shrinky dinks here i come lol. now to go update my vox lol.

ahhh winter!

Snowballs to be thrown and coal as a reward but this year coal isn't so bad.

and they might be for adoption if you ask very nicely ^_~


Next wed We are going home and I'm taking a Much need trip to Michels and Joanns I'm sorry Big rapids but you suck there is nothing here remotely helpful.

I Just really can't wait to move to Scotland and get my own place set up.

Anyways I'll be taking more pictures of all the amigurumi I have made lately when i get home and can use my mothers camera. the hand me down from brians parents is broken just like I new it would be.

Hugs all

I'll just say I've made at least 6 new ami's since the last one and can't wait to put them up


lol I miss it! I wish I had my computer back so i could go back to my regular days of jrock, kpop and dramas all day long LOL.

Last night I was thinking of the crazy little fights I have all the time with Brian and it made me thing of Full House so now I wanna watch it T_T. LOL


November Under the sea amigurumi one.

We Love Amigurumi.
hehe I know an Octopus is one of the most common but i had to hehe.


Guess I should try this out ^^

off to make My November "Under the Sea" Amigurumi. ^^



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